MLS and American soccer are paying the price for not retaining domestic talents
Jeb Brovsky

MLS is a league that 1) makes it teams fly commercial for the most part, and 2) plays its most important games in shitty weather at a time of year when interest in American football is peaking, and 3) chose the tv partners who would do least amount of work for it. In short MLS is not smart about a lot of things. I can only blame its vestigial ownership groups who still think it’s 1996. Irony. They very people that saved the league have a pillow over its face right now.

That being said, MLS is not far away from a breakthrough to secure the loyalty of that vast majority of soccer fans in the USA who don’t follow MLS. It needs to pay its young players who have proven themselves accordingly; it needs to have charter flights like any other top tier sports league; it needs to partner with NBC and it’s platforms, which know how to cover and promote soccer, and most importantly it needs to move to a summer to spring schedule immediately after the current tv contract expires. ( please don’t argue against the latter unless you have put a lot, I mean huge amounts, of thought into it; I’m a lawyer, I already argued this case a thousand times with various supporters of the game and win every time )

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