Of course, some detractors made their presence known and voiced concern over subjects such as her visit with Trump and the guilt-by-association campaign the left has waged on Gabbard, saying “Doesn’t it bother you that Steve Bannon and some other white supremacists like you?”
Spitting on Veteran Tulsi Gabbard and The Maniacal McOutrage of The Left
M.P. Magayon

Nice column. But on medium I must regularly point out imprecise language used that is harmful to the progressive movement. This column makes the same mistake. Tulsi IS part of the “left.” She is Bernie Sanders natural successor and heir apparent. The “left” is not waging war on Tulsi. The neoliberals and establishment Democrats are! They are not the left!

Once again, precision in language matters. I hope you will correct the record from an otherwise worthwhile column.