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Nice mea culpa but you need to edit the line above. It’s false. Even if you thought it then, you surely don’t know. Soccer is nothing but a contact sport where even finesse wingers might play their last game after one cruel tackle. Do you have any idea how many professional careers have been ended by concussion issues?

The reason the game is played all over the globe is because the cost of entry is low. The reason it is loved all over the world is because to play at an elite lever requires world class ball skills, world class endurance and athleticism, but most importantly, world class intelligence. The soccer player does not have one assignment — such as a linebacker in football. He or she has several assignments at once (based on teammates, opponents, and space and time available) regardless of position and these assignments can change in a millisecond.

Thank you for watching MLS. Our little maligned league is unloved, underrated, and unappreciated, but it’s incredibly entertaining and getting closer to top flight ball every year. As they say in Columbus, it will be “massive” in short order.

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