And while there are other reasons to dislike Hilary Clinton and disagree with her policies, misogyny and sexism are the gas that fuels the fire they burned her with
No You Can’t : Why I’m Still Crying Over Hillary Clinton’s Loss.
Eirene Donohue

No , you don’t get to write something based on a false premise.

HRC lost for many reasons:

She’s a neoliberal, who gives a rats ass about the middle class, when the times call for populism, i.e., a Wall Street puppet who has no idea how the 1% struggle.

She was a shitty candidate. ( She never set foot in Wisconsin. WTF! Or even pretended to have a vision. Any vision.Name me one significant policy proposal of change she had ? You can’t )

She’s got decades of right wing media smearing, that the Fox News and hate radio crowd takes as true.

She either allowed or orchestrated DNC implemented voter suppression to shut out left leaning independents in the primaries to effectively steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders who otherwise would have won based on all available metrics. Don’t believe me? Spend half an hour researching. It will change your life.

She was reckless as SOS. The email nonsense was totally avoidable. She knew she had enemies and handed them the ammunition on a silver platter.

The normal GOP dirty tricks and October surprises. See Comey.

Bill Clinton. He technically has nothing to do with this. But also everything. I wrote on Democratic Underground this past summer the American will never, ever let Bill Clinton into the White House. People said I was being ridiculous. …..Then they don’t know Republicans. Bill might as as well be the Devil to them.

Sexism was like….. 2% of Hillary Clinton’s problem.

I have a ray of light that might make you feel better. The the first female POTUS is only 4 years away. And here name is Tulsi Gabbard!

She’s a real liberal. Not a neoliberal. She’s at Standing Rock right now. She’s a real leader in it for all Americans. Not just to amass a fortune.

Republicans always trip over their own dick. Always. It won’t be long.

Hang in there. But do your homework next time.

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