Clinton and Trump Supporters are Equally Foolish.
Devin Reynolds

Notice that the critics don’t defend. They just attack the message and assert without support the “qualifications” of both Clinton and Trump. The latter has none and the former is basically a Republican, on the economy and pocketbook issues while liberal on social issues. That is no FDR democrat.

Without getting into Trump’s bombast and Clinton’s ethics and judgment, the cake actually is baked for change. The Millennials won’t live their lives being lied to by professional politicians, unlike their parents. They were sitting at the dinner table when their parents broke own and cried at the dinner table because they’re jobs and homes went poof after the great recession — a feature, not a bug, of the economy long sought by the 1%, including Clinton and Trump.

No one went to jail.

The millennials and most gen xers instinctively understand tv news is nothing but 1% propaganda. Sadly, enough of their parents and grandparents don’t know that yet. Hence, we will likely have the shit show of Trump v Clinton — extreme Republican v moderate Republican — this Fall.

In four years, we we get enough dead boomers and more young voters such that the cake comes out, and Republicans and Corporate Democrats only get the crumbs. Both will be booted out of office of neutered as the Bernie or Bust movement moves on, with or without him.

Then Trump and Hillary can then tell the 99% to eat cake. It’s basically what Hillary is saying now. We will.

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