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Ringer. Love that you are covering soccer. But having watched the game, the comments to the column are more incisive than the column itself. You also omitted any reference to a very intelligent and judiciously used press by PSG. Also an absolute masterpiece of double teaming performed on Neymar. Barcelona is suffering what ails Spanish football. It’s just scrimmaging other than when it plays the other top 4 La Liga teams. Even the big 6 in England are pushed to their limits by mid table teams. Not the case in Spain and it’s been a problem for a while. Real Madrid’s win last year only covers up the fact that inequality there is getting worse.

If you aren’t up to micro zonal marking type coverage, then at least give us meta coverage and put the game into scheme of things context. That’s what we MLS fans and Eurosnobs alike want.

Hardcores want hard soccer coverage. Not light. We are the ones clicking the mouse consistently for you. Thank you.

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