You Are Already Currently In A Media War — Start Fighting Back!
Caitlin Johnstone

Spot on. The task I have assumed in this media war is trying to convince everyone and anyone not to watch or read MSM, unless you are a media watchdog.

The American public can neuter MSM as easily as it is killing off the cable tv model as we speak. They just need to know the alternatives.

We cannot rely on the ignorant and racist hard core GOP voters. They live in their own false reality. And we can’t wait for a complete baby boomer die off given the boomers are the main ardent consumers of MSM.

But there are still enough other electors to debilitate MSM in a few years if the movement is organized and intense.

I’m just a guy, writing songs, doing his part. I’m just hoping others join the movement to neuter MSM in whatever way they can. It’s the most noble effort I can think of because it aligns and supports the fight for social justice and peace and against climate change denial , income inequality, and racism.

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