Beauchamp’s article gives a clue as to where liberals will go with this. Since they believe 1) diversity is incompatible with justice, and 2) that diversity is important and good, they will reach the conclusion that 3) justice should be sacrificed in order to “beat” right-wing populism. As Beauchamp notes, pursuing a more economically just society “could actually give Trump an even bigger gun” because it flies in the face of the immiseration of racial minorities that majority groups in diverse societies necessarily demand. Thus, it would seem the only way forward is to give in to the bloodthirst a bit in order to stave off an even bigger atrocity.
Liberals and diversity
Matt Bruenig

This is such trash. First, liberals don’t believe any of that. Second the Clintons are neoliberal/ 3rd way/ GOP lite. They and many of their supporters are not liberals. Finally Sanders would have won. That is a fact. If you don’t believe it then you reject the concept of scientific polling.

Medium is chalk full of bullshit when discussing liberals. Bernie Sandets is a liberal. Ron Wyden is a liberal. Clinton supporters are either Neoliberals or liberals living in a bubble who drank the Kool aid.

It would be like me calling Arnold Schwarzenegger an arch conservative. He’s to the left of Dianne Feinstein on most issues. He and Trump don’t live in the same universe as far as reactionary. conservative politics go.

Simpletons write for simpletons. This column is a perfect example.

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