Discovering and loving L.A.F.C.’s new logo.
Christopher Payne

Tip of the hat! Great Read. I was watching that terrible YouTube live feed at work, but then the drop. … Oh my! The logo was beautiful.

My expectations were not high. I’m a soccer junkie and simply was hoping for some soccer news, the reveal simply being a means to end for me. The new graphic took all the oxygen out of my head. I quickly went to MLS Reddit and saw consensus was reached. People were very pleased.

As a LA Native who still spends lots of time there, I knew right away.

I will drop serious coin on merchandise. My teams are Timbers and Republic. I always wanted to support an LA team but could never adopt Galaxy. Too far, mentally and physically from my roots. LAFC on the other hand — I’m in love already. Expo Park is easy to get to, and it seems like the ownership group is savvy enough not only to spend big but spend smart. LAFC will be a huge team, globally, one day. That graphic will replace the white on blue Dodger “LA” as visual ambassador for the City.

Hoping for a USL team in 2017 at Weingart. Then my loyalty will be forged, and I will have three West Coast MLS teams to support. At least one of them has to be good each year, no?

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