Especially after the tumult of the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights movement, these media gatekeepers became increasingly liberal.
What Happens When the Media Ignores You
Aileen Gallagher

Umm. Your article fell apart with that line. If the media gatekeepers were liberal, there would be no Iraq war, CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews and Bernie Sanders would be odds on favorite right now. For a moment in time MSNBC had the veneer of liberal bent when Keith O. and Cenk had time slots. Gatekeepers could not have THAT!

Tell the truth; journalism graduates going to work for the MSM are going in to serve the 1% owners of those media companies. Nothing more, nothing less. If they want to be real 4th Estate journalists, they need to work for the truth , exclusively, and not those enterprises concerned with profit or what their plutocrat owners demand.

Journalism is dead. Long live amateur and non-profit journalism, the only places where where truth is found now.

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