We already live in a world where we detest the liberal bent of MSNBC and the right-wing nutjob-ism of Fox News.
It’s time for nonprofit media organizations
Michael Marinaccio

You lost anyone with any clue with the above assertion.

MSNBC has turned into the mouthpiece for Comcast and its 1% board of directors. It’s as right wing as Fox, only more subtle. And when you retort that it’s all in for Hillary Clinton as evidence of its left wingery, well then, you make my point for me.

MSNBC was left wing with Ed Shultz, Keith Olbermann and the really good, former lefty journalist then known as Rachel Maddow. What you have now in all the cable news channels are the broadcasting dead. The pursuit of money , unbalance, and only partial truth ( or outright lies) killed them. No one under 3o watches them. No one under 30 reads legacy mainstream print media because, well, it is shit too. Thousand over 30 give up on the MSM every day.

So ok, nonprofit is the only option. But truth is the only vehicle. That means working for truth, and only for truth, and not as servants to 1% masters. Otherwise it’s certain death for whatever journalism upstarts who wish to give it a go. Legacy MSM really should NOT be your model.

Truth or death — you journalists decide.

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