Bad Guys
San Francisco Public Defender

Great work Jeff! In 1979 i learned from Gerry Spence to NEVER call my client the “Defendant” as it was demeaning. He instructed us to call them “Citizens accused of a crime” or some other innocuous term such as Mr. Citizen. In fact, on any pleading, i NEVER refer to them as Defendant other than in the caption where it was mandatory. If we refuse to buy into the dehumanization of our clients, it makes it harder for the system to act inhumanely.

Hopefully this Judge tries to get nominated to the Appellate court so you can give truthful answers on the questionnaire about bias!

Keep up the good fight fellow gladiators! There are times when we must dig our heels in for what is right. And, as a former prosecutor working my way back to heaven, the ethics of the DA require that they seek JUSTICE not CONVICTIONS. That poor intern……

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