David Smith
Nov 15, 2015 · 3 min read

Miriam, when did I talk about “bringing back the dinosaurs”? That’s a rather childish riposte from you.

Right, here we go:

You admit the fact that “way back when” the sun had an effect on the climate as it was fainter. In other words, you admit that solar forcing is much stronger than any forcing CO2 can bring to the table. As the current solar cycle suggests the sun is getting rather quiet, perhaps we should be prepared for cooling rather than warming. Personally, I hope it gets warmer:


You talk about a rise of 7C being able to kill us all, but in the same breath you also admit that humans can survive a much wider range of temperatures than a mere 7C. Humans inhabit the whole surface of this globe, with temperatures ranging from roughly 50C to -50C (although it’s the chilly parts that we have real trouble surviving in). I think we can handle a 7C change. Besides, a warmer Earth would mean less ice at the poles which would mean more living space and greater access to fossil fuel deposits — which is an added bonus.

Over this past century, global average temps (if there is such a thing) have risen about 1C. Therefore, a rise of 7C would take another 700 years (and that’s deliberately ignoring the fact that CO2 forcing is logarithmic, which would mean it would take even longer in reality). Oh, I forgot, you rely on a run-away warming because of water vapour. Clouds and stuff. You know what I mean, the stuff your precious models can’t deal with, yet you still rely on such stuff bringing about thermageddon.

Besides, a very recent study has shown that after chucking many trillions of dollars down the drain, current climate policies would lower the global temps by a maximum of 0.17C by 2100. What a criminal waste of money for such a ridiculously small difference! Miriam, do you really want to support such criminally profligate waste? Wouldn’t such an unimaginably large amount of money be better spent on lifting the world’s poor out of grinding poverty?

Average sea level has been rising at roughly 3mm per year with no acceleration of that rate. That is nothing to get your knickers in a twist about:


Even the IPCC’s worse case scenario has the sea level rising less than 1m over the next 100 years. I think we have plenty of time to adapt to such a small change:

As for “6th major extinction event”, don’t make me ROFLMAO. The UN told us that 50 million climate refugees would be crawling across the globe right now:

Those 50 million refugees have failed to appear, and I think your “mass extinction event” is even less likely. It’s just unjustified alarmism of the worst kind. Man is the most intelligent animal that has ever roamed this Earth. I know we can adapt and survive a few degrees of warming.

BTW I notice you have made no comment about the SkS gang’s propensity to play “sturmbannführer dress-up” games. If some sceptics had made such photos you’d be on them like a tramp on a sandwich, shouting about “fascist deniers”. Instead, it’s people from your camp who seem to enjoy the fascism thing. It’s all rather embarrassing isn’t it?

PS As I’m typing this, some links just stay as links, whereas others bringing up pictures of the page/pdf. Strange, but I can’t be bothered to find out why.

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