David Smith
2 min readNov 17, 2015


Wow. What a classy response Miriam.

I was particularly impressed with “you are thick aren’t you”. It seems I’m really pressing your buttons! Sorry to disappoint but I’m not that thick. In fact, I’m a maths and science teacher in a secondary school in London (warmists start shrieking, “Oh my word! He’s a teacher AND he’s a denier! Hang him! Burn him at the stake!”)

I’m glad you said, “I don’t think that global mean surface temperature will rise by 7 C”. That means we’ve got nothing to get our knickers in a twist about, doesn’t it? Your contention that, “ we’ll cut emissions soon enough by choice” is particularly amusing. Go and ask the Chinese and Indians how much they’re going to cut their CO2 emissions. You won’t like the answer!

However, it’s good to see you haven’t completely given up on your hankering for global chaos and that you’re still holding out for 4C of rise. I’d tell you to get back to me when that 4C rise has happened but I notice that’s not due to occur until 2100. Isn’t it funny how all thermageddonists’ predictions are based far in the future when they won’t be alive for people to laugh at their hopeless predictions? Looking at the picture of your (rather haggard) face I know you’ll be dead a lot sooner than that. Ooops, how rude of me!

As for sea level rise, I couldn’t care less as I live on a hill. It’ll just mean the sea-side will be nearer to my house ;) The alarmists who should be worried about potential sea level rise are Saint Al Gore and Pope David Suzuki as they both own beach-front properties. Hypocrites.

Seriously though Miriam, 1m rise is a joke. At the present rate of 3mm per annum it’ll take over 300 years. Ho hum…

As for John Cook and his friends “lightening the tone” with Himmler impressions, your excuses you make for them are pretty thin. Like I said before, if you’d seen a picture of Anthony Watts dressed up as Hitler with Jo Nova standing in for Eva Braun you’d be shouting it from the rooftops. You really can’t blame AW and all of us sceptics for having a laugh at Cookie’s expense.

I hope you can see from this comment Miriam that I find you and the alarmist gang extremely amusing. Please type up a reply as I really do enjoy a good laugh after a hard day in the classroom inspiring children to become truly sceptical future scientists.