Seth Rich Is A Whistleblower
Trent Lapinski

I was not informed enough to make an unbiased opinion on your article, so I decided to start at Wikipedia. I was shocked at what I found there under ‘Seth Rich Murder’. I’m now convinced there’s something seriously wrong with the official narrative. If I wanted to write a biased, heavy-handed piece of propaganda to convince people that Rich was not a DNC leaker, that is what I would write. Only it takes a not-too-literate person not to see through it. I know Wikipedia’s usual standards, and I am shocked that that piece is being allowed to stand. Only problem for the author, though, is that the piece serves the opposite of it’s blatantly obvious intended purpose. Thanks for this piece. It’s plainly written with good intentions, and is what those outside of power need to constantly do — question those in power endlessly. Good luck.