Electrician with Extensive Experience!

Are you in search of State Certified Electrical Contractor for Home Automation in Boynton Beach? If so, you are welcome to AlphaTEC Electric. We are a certified company with experienced electricians who focus on high-quality and personal service. We do all types of electrical repairs, installations and service projects, from single standard installations to large electric installation of the entire apartment block. Our range of services includes Indoor Lighting & Outdoor Lighting, Solar Lighting Wellington, Low Voltage Wiring and other services.

Having professionally executed electrical installations is an absolute must to ensure the safety of property. There is also a legal requirement that fixed electrical installations must be performed by a qualified electrician. Naturally, we have both the right qualifications and experience to perform both small and large electrical installations in a safe manner.

A collaboration with AlphaTEC Electric means you can expect the efficiency, quality, electrical safety, and not least a personal touch where your needs as a customer are always at the center. We put the same emphasis on good customer relations regardless of project size and if you hire us as an individual or as a representative of a company, a housing association or a local business.

As our customer, you will always be sure that you get the right skills for your mission. All of our electricians have full experience in their respective fields, and we do of course guarantee the work performed. Please contact us today on (561) 629–8240 or at alphatecelectric.com for more information and quotation. We look forward to your call!

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