Payout.Team Partner Program

Earn commission and passive income by promoting the payout and team invoice products

David Sneider
Jul 9 · Unlisted

About Payout.Team

Payout.Team is the simplest way for companies and freelance team leads to ensure their global work force is paid quickly and compliantly.

With Payout, companies and leaders can run payroll with just the email address of the people / vendors they like to pay.

Additionally, Payout.Team has created a Team Invoice, so global teams of independent freelancers can take on high margin projects, without the corporate complexity of employing on another.

Payout.Team Affiliate Partner Program

Payout.Team works with select publishing partners on a revenue share / cost per sale basis. Please fill out this application (also embedded below) to become an affiliate partner.

Affiliates will be given a unique code in order to attribute sales and offer a discount to their community. Please apply as an affiliate in order to get detail on payment terms and offering a discount.

We’re looking forward to partnering with you!


David Sneider

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Not worried about rain because we’re already drenched. | founder @Deco_Network | creator @GalacticTick | frmr founding team @Sendbloom (acquired by @LinkedIn)

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