The Puritan Way

By David Snyder

As one walks through downtown Chatham, MA., one can’t help but notice the overwhelming promotion of the “Puritan Way” and the like. No doubt the locals are proud of their Puritanism, being the bedrock upon which the country, with special regard to New England, found its footing on. However, I couldn’t help but wonder if the so-called Way has been stretched a touch thin recently. I stepped into a store of the vogue label and was greeted not by butter churners and dance-less Sundays, but T-shirts, on sale, for $40 a pop.

Now, I’ve never been one for forcing any religion upon anybody. It’s in our very DNA that we find one man or woman being forced to believe in any god or any religion whatever to be a gross repugnance. However, as I browsed about Puritan Way, looking to see if they were running a sale on commemorative stickers, they were — $20 a pop, it struck me that maybe we could use a pinch of that Puritan Way. Maybe not in the pews and the temples, but at the dinner table and the greasy spoon. And not with scriptures and dogma, but with phones turned down and eyes interlocked. I know, such a notion is radically idealistic, but so was the Puritan Way, and this way doesn’t even charge a nickel.

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