Not even sure the title “prelude” is correct for this use case.

Google seems to define it as so:

“an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important.”

This is the kind of person I am. I check. I double check. 
I hate being wrong; I hate being misunderstood. 
Yet often times, I am wrong. I am misunderstood. 
And thus, for a very long time, I’ve mastered the art of being silent.

Keeping my true heart silent. Keeping my true passions hidden away.

Who would understand? Who would even care to know?

Even if they knew, they wouldn’t really know. Even if they really knew, they wouldn’t know everything
However, as of late, for reasons that I do not quite understand myself, I’ve had the insatiable desire to let go of these fears. To pour out without regard to whether or not I am replenished. To give whether or not I am well received — or received at all. To share my stories in their fullness. 
And so here I am, and this is me. This is the me that you will probably never know outside of here.

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