Scrivener is just a marketing ploy

I just read this article, and I wanted to post a comment. In the end, it was so big I decided to just convert it into a publication here on Medium instead. So, here it goes.

I’m tired of all these promo blog posts and articles and ads and on and on about how awesome and fantabulous Scrivener is. It’s a marketing ploy.

You’re absolutely fucking right. It is a marketing ploy.

The true reason why most people are using Scrivener today is because they believe a lot of “successful” writers use it. It became a symbol of being a writer. With so many writers out there using and promoting Scrivener, people unconsciously relate using it to being a successful writer. So, by using Scrivener, they feel like they’re writers.

Also, Scrivener it’s a great way to procrastinate. Its learning curve is so high that there are people out there making a lot of money by teaching how to use it! So, once you decide to use Scrivener you will have to spend a lot of time (and maybe money) learning the tool instead of writing.

I know it by experience. I have a Scrivener license myself, and at first I felt really excited about using it.


Because I read the book “Write. Publish. Repeat: The No-Luck Guide to Self-Publishing Success” by David Wright, Johnny B. Truant, and Sean Platt, in which they basically make you understand that a real writer need to use a real writing software. I wanted to be a real writer, then a bought the software.

By the time I’ve spent learning how to use Scrivener, I could have learned how to use LaTeX instead, and if I had done it, it would’ve been so more useful!

If you really need to FEEL like a writer, then you need Scrivener. If you only want to write, you already have everything you need.