The Lunch that (almost) made me Stop my next Startup
Loic Le Meur

Thanks for sharing our discussion Loic.

The truth is if you really believe in something and can articulate it to the world, there will be others who believe as you believe and join in. It’s rarely a smooth road and usually, there are a number of roads that can get you to your vision. You can’t find that right approach until you just start trying things. So give it a shot, and see how the world responds. You know this better than most after starting 7 businesses.

From a community building perspective, all great communities start with a few true believers. Find those people, and they’ll help you find the right road. My goal when helping businesses with community is to encourage them to truly understand the needs and motivations of those core believers. If you can help them feel a real sense of belonging and identity, a lot of other things start to fall into place.

So don’t stop! Communities are built by dedicated leaders who stand by their beliefs in the face of doubt and uncertainty.

Good luck my friend. You’ve taught me so much, I hope I helped you a little bit too.