Should You Build a Company for Wealth or Change?

There are two kinds of companies:

Companies that exist to create wealth.

Companies that exist to create change.

Both need money to survive. A wealth focused company can create change. A change focused company can create extreme wealth.

But their approach differs greatly.

Sales-focused companies are optimize for wealth in as short a time as possible.

Change-focused companies optimize for building a long term community to fuel that change.

Companies that are driven purely by profit and sales aren’t thinking about optimizing the the future of the planet, they’re thinking about optimizing their wealth. Then they get their wealth (maybe), and then what?

We have a short amount of time on this planet. What we do, over the grand scheme of the universe is mostly irrelevant and will be forgotten. But over thousands of years, the collective small actions of human beings will add up. Our one simple responsibility is to leave the planet in as good, or better shape than how we found it.

A company that is change-focused has no choice but to serve the community first. If they violate the trust of their community, the company will die. They’re accountable to humanity.

In startups, we’re tempted by the stories of the rapid rises. The founders who made a billion dollars in a few short years that fill us with envy.

But when those huge companies were born, they started small, focused, community-centric and working towards creating positive change. They weren’t all optimizing for immediate wealth, they were trying to create something good for the planet… it just took off a lot faster than they could have imagined.

You can build a company in order to make money as quickly as possible, or you can build a company with a focus on creating long-lasting change.

We all have a choice.

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