Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences, International Ethnomedical Research, Proprietary Clinics and Hospitals, Proprietary Medical Botany and Garden, and Proprietary Biopharmacognosy Laboratory.

The Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences offers education and training on mathematics, chemistry, physics and health care; the health care programs are gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, acute psychiatry, geriatrics a the Proprietary Clinics and Hospitals in terms of HHS.

Medical botany and taxonomy programs at the Proprietary Medical Botany and Garden in accordance with USDA. Biopharmacognosy program at the Proprietary Biopharmacognosy Laboratory.

Industrial chemistry, industrial biopharmacology and industrial microbiology programs at the International Ethnomedical Research doing original industrial biotechnological research for discovery of new drugs and manufacturing of the proprietary medicines according to the US Department of Commerce.

The student employees are biotherapists, medical botanists, biopharmacognosists, industrial chemists, industrial biopharmacologists, and industrial microbiologists in accordance with the US Department of Labor.

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