Following the Legacy of President Barack Obama on Precision Medicine, and Moonshot Cancer the Initiative of Vice-President Joe Biden on Extensive Cancer Research with Dr. Francis Collins of NIH in Accordance with FOIA. The Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences is registered with White House Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships Office, US Department of Education and Corporation and National Community Service.

I have written the latest Thesis Title: Copyright Law and Medical Plant Research; Pharmacological and Clinical Research; Ph.D. in accordance with Title 8 U.S.C, Aliens and Nationality. I am a GSA Contractor at GSA Headquarters 1800 F Street NW, Washington DC, 20405 US.

Health Care: I did original industrial biotechnological research for discovery of new biodrugs and manufactured the proprietary medicines.

Clinical Research: I treated the patients who presented with pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchopleural fistulas, acanthosis nigricans, pulmonary abscesses, and external abscesses, acute psychiatry, gynecological and obstetrical cases, and dog patients with a manuscript on veterinary was submitted and accepted for publication by the School of Pharmacy, University of London; “Phyotherapy Research on International Journal Devoted to Medical and Scientific Research on Plants and Plant Products”.

Academy for Health Care and Alleviation of Poverty: I created the Academy for Health Care and Alleviation of Poverty in South Africa, but it was dormant because of Bureaucracy. Seeing my results of progress in the US they now invite me to be active, join them for science technology. Therefore, I will offer education and training on mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and health care with the use of the proprietary medicines manufactured at GSA Headquarters 1800 F Street, Washington DC 20405 in accordance with the US Department of Commerce for EXPORTATION.

Medical Plant Research: According to my Thesis Title: Copyright Law and Medical Plant Research, I know the South Africa spp., which should be shipped to Washington DC in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture. We need a garden called Proprietary Medical Botany and Garden for educational purposes and propagation.

This is attributed to TPP which is global, and South Africa is a starter and Washington DC is for the US next generation in accordance with SelectUSA.

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