What Arne Duncan Is Thinking About On His Last Day As U.S. Secretary of Education
Arne Duncan

I thank you Arne, and say I am sorry to read such a story as you have stated about the schools and kids, guns and going into the streets, dropouts and what is happening is scary. I have experienced such a life outside the United where children were fighting to death for education against inferior education with no jobs. Where jobs are for the 18 years of age to just over 30 years of age and from between 33 and 35 years there are no jobs that age. It is true gun violence does exist and the teachers and lecturers should as well do expansive research with innovation on education and jobs. I did experience that for myself I loved education but became a victim. Blacks were not allowed to do microbiology, bacteriology, pharmacy, engineering etc. in all White universities.

But fortunately as I was walking to the station to catch my train home; I was near a pharmaceutical organization around lunch time, and I beckoned a man who came; I asked about a job, he said to me “I’ll talk to my boss, come tomorrow morning. I was there in the next morning and was employed at the Analytical Laboratory and Microbiological Assays Laboratory. I was already a student of Hume College for correspondence and doing A.L applied mathematics, A.L chemistry, A.L biology and O.L physics.

EDUCATION AT WORK: My Tutors were an industrial pharmacist and an industrial microbiologist at the National Fermentation Pharmaceuticals with laboratories and a PLANT for manufacturing the oxytetracyclines, chlortetracyclines and tetracyclines. What I learned in that organization; 6 months was equivalent to a B.S. Degree, it was quick.

THE EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDEGE I ACQUIRED led me to establish an Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences for science and technology, and the International Ethnomedical Research with workplaces with aims and objectives to create jobs in Washington DC for the US.

THIS MAYBE AN ALTERNATIVE: If I get partners in the US and implement the Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences for education and training at work and the International Ethnomedical Research for education and training at the pharmaceutical workplace the next generation will become professionals at work. Secretary Arne Duncan thank you for highlighting me and would be grateful to help me get partners to work together.

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