Founder and Chairman Ted Turner invited me to become a member of UN Foundation in 2006, and was…
David Steve Matthe

LET GIRLS LEARN WITH #62millionGirls IS AN INITIATIVE OF FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA. The other girls are in South Africa; and I am also a

Stakeholder of the SOUTH AFRICAN QUALIFICATIONS AUTHORITY which is a statutory body regulated in terms of the NATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS FRAMEWORK of Act 67 of 2008 appointed by the Minister of Education.

The ACADEMY FOR HEALTH CARE AND ALLEVIATION OF POVERTY South Africa offers education and training on mathematics, chemistry, biology and health care. These programs shall be studied theoretically in classrooms, and practically in academic laboratories at workplaces for job creation.

Mrs. Michelle Obama wants programs on fresh vegetables; Agrobiology is agricultural biology which is exclusively science on agriculture. The first year shall be done on campus for practicals and if it is a bigger garden on campus the patients shall buy at affordable prices. As time goes by the students shall be a team of the Academy for Health Care and Alleviation of Poverty who may get a piece of land for agriculture.

ACADEMY FOR HEALTH CARE: The programs are for students who will study on gynecology, geriatrics, and pediatrics. Clinical practice; women shall be diagnosed, treated, with the proprietary medicines, they shall study on biodrugs and learn on prognoses and also on referrals.

ASH CENTER FOR DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE AND INNOVATION USA: The Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences is registered with White House President Obama. I am in GSA Staff Directory/USAID Staff Directory at the Headquarters 18F Street Washington DC 20405 USA. Original industrial biotechnological research for new biodrugs and manufacturing of proprietary medicines in terms of intellectual property rights at the International Ethnomedical Research. The proprietary medicines shall be transported to various states in the US and exported to different countries.

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