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Original industrial biotechnological research for discovery of new biodrugs and manufacturing of the proprietary medicines for use in the United States

and for exportation. Original research is done at the Industrial Chemistry Laboratory, Industrial Biopharmacology Laboratory and Industrial Microbiology Laboratory of the International Research. Industrial Chemistry: the apparatuses are buretts, pipettes, flasks, beakers, measuring cylinders, pH meters, balances, funnels, filters, litmus papers, paper chromatography, reagents, inorganic and organic chemicals, raw materials (medical plants, for a starter they’ll be exported from Johannesburg SA to Washington DC). PLANT: Extractors, six POTS for mass production: Pot No. 1 SWH for diseases: gynecological, obstetrics, acute psychiatry, pediatrics, geriatrics, cancers. Pot No. 2. GlycoSapin for external abscesses. Pot No. 3

GlycoHypoSapSanX for leg ulcers and traumas. Pot No. 4 ErythroGlycoSan for HIV and Pot No. 2B LeucoGlycoSapin for HIV. Pot No. 5 GlycoSapOintment and Pot No. 5B SWHOintment. Pot No. 6 SWH Powder for capsules. The Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences shall offer education and training on medical botany, biopharmacognosy; industrial chemistry, industrial biopharmacology and industrial microbiology who shall be doing original industrial biotechnological research.

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