PRECISION MEDICINE; Medical Plant Research. MOONSHOT CANCER RESEARCH: My Thesis Title: Copyright Law and Medical Plant Research; Pharmacological and Clinical Research; Ph.D., registered with Copyright Office for International Affairs USPTO as a TPP member, In Terms of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Biotechnological Medical Plant Research; SWH Sol contains hematotherapeutics, hematopoietics, and biohormones. Bio-Genetics: Gene is the chemically complex unit which which is the carrier of specific physical characters from parents to offspring transmitted through the chromosomes. Biology is the science of life and of the origin, structure, reproduction, growth, and development of living organism, for botany and zoology.

BLOOD consists of the red corpuscles which delivers oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and tissues, distributes internal secretions, removes waste products, guard against infection and helps to maintain homeostasis of the organism.

CLINICAL RESEARCH; Health is a state of being healthy, of the red corpuscles,oxygen, nutrients, cells and tissues, internal secretions, and homeostasis. Disease is a morbid condition.

A woman presented with a dead fetus. The mother and a dead fetus share a hormone which is an estrogen transmitted by a placenta. TREATMENT; SWH Sol was administered orally at 6.00 PM and a dead fetus and placenta were expelled at 9.00 PM and the mother was healed. SWH contains hematotherapeutic properties, hematopoietic properties and biohormones which are responsible for expulsion of a dead fetus and placenta. The biohormones heal the estrogen and the hematopoietic properties heal the blood cells by stimulating the bone marrow and the pharmacological properties healed healed the mother.

A woman presented with labor pains from 4.00 AM to 3.45 PM at SWH Sol was administered at 4.00 PM and an infant was born at 7.00 PM. The mother and baby were healthy. SWH Sol contains the biohormones which healed the estrogen which stimulated the oxytocin to facilitate the uterine contractions.

MOONSHOT CANCER: A man presented with acanthosis nigricans; the symptoms are visceral cancer, gastric adenocarcinoma, the epidermis is thrown into folds, with densely pigmented fine argyrophilic melanin granules. SWH Sol was administered orally; conc.GlycoSapin Sol was administered on the skin against the epidermis and the densely pigmented argyrophilic melanin granules which an abnormal skin about 14 mm thick removed by the conc.GlycoSapinSol it was recurring in 20 min. to 30 mi, and the prognosis occurred gradually with continuous treatment from 15 days to 45 days. The normal skin was treated with GlycoHypoSapSan X Sol which is also utilized for leg ulcers, external abscesses, injuries, other third degree burns. SWH Sol contains anti-cancerous properties, anticoagulant, hematotherapeutic, hematopoietic and biohormonotherapeutic properties. GlycoSapin contains emollient properties which removes the false skin.

DISEASES CAUSED BY INSECTICIDES, HERBICIDES. The biohormones heal the estrogen, androgen, the hematopoietic properties facilitate hematopoiesis to heal red cells. Health Care; the diseases caused by these inorganic substances should be contra-indicated, because the absorb these toxins which serious diseases. PHYTOTHERAPY; All plants used for food and drugs should be treated with organic chemicals and inorganic chemicals are dangerous for life of man, animals, plants, water and air.

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