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President Barack Obama’s history is great to read. To learn that he is an American American and exclusively he has his own culture. His culture is all American meaning he supports all Americans; the Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, Indians, Mexicans, Whites etc. President Obama respects the first President of the US George Washington,President Abraham Lincohn and all Presidents up to his time. This includes President Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and even President Bush, not forgetting President Bill Clinton, and works so good with Vice-President Joe Biden at the White House. I learned quite a lot from him. For STEM, he is so good to encourage the next generation to get education and I also know of NASA who are doing astrobotany, astrobiology, astrophysics and its practically done right now with the longest navigations to the stars and recently they were seen on Jupiter relaxing. We are looking at the 45th President of the US probably the first woman to be, and President Obama’s legacy and millions will follow it; the women and girls, boys of the next generation in accordance with Civil Rights Act of 1964. President Obama started good in 2007 and served everybody and every one who understood got a shot. Finally, we are looking at Mrs. Hillary Clinton who worked very hard in 2007 and became the Secretary of State; but the toughest, hardest, scary job 2016 in the American history of a woman whom women and men are proud of. Win or lose she made a biggest history and this is to protect the US Constitution which consists of Civil Rights Act of 1964, women’s rights and all other rights.

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