Can a ‘Garden in a Box’ Help South Africans Grow More Food with Less Waste?

South Africans Can Grow and Become Agriculturists According to the “Rainbow Nation Constitution”. Claire Reid, Reel Gardening Founder is doing a wonderful job in Johannesburg. USAID is my government; the Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences is registered with White House Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnership Office and the US Department of Education.

I won’t say the name of a man who received money from the USAID in Johannesburg to end extreme poverty instead he put money in his pocket and the people became poorer and dispursed. Claire Reid Claire will be disappointed when her students do not succeed because of corruption. Education is imperative which paves a way to success leading to achieve knowledge from young women such as Claire Reid who impresses the USAID.

In South Africa education is a big problem which caused the 1976 unrest. In the Democratic new South Africa education is extremely inferior, and has caused another conflict; the universities such as the University of the Witwatersrand and many around South Africa are in action; this reminds us on 1976 unrest; the majority of South Africans are very poor and a few are very rich from corruption. To end extreme poverty in South Africa is to end the cause, HOW, is to end education based on tribalism and racism e.g no applied mathematics, chemistry, physics, astrobiology, bacteriology in Zulu, Xhosa etc, these can only be done in English. From about A.D 450 the Germanic tribes were Angles, Britons, Saxons, Danes etc., were engaged in endless conflicts. Chaucer and others created a new language from languages which they called English from Angles, British from Briton etc., and this new country became England from Angle-Land. Tribalism disappeared and English became an international language. USAID works to end extreme poverty in South Africa in accordance with the “Rainbow Nation SA Constitution”.

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