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Pres. Obama (Archives)

The Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences is offering education and training at work. I was doing A.L applied mathematics, A.L chemistry, A.L biology and O.L physics of the University of London while I was working at the Analytical Laboratory doing volumetric analysis, and Microbiological Assays Laboratory of National Fermentation Pharmaceuticals where the antibiotics which are oxytetracycline, chlortetracycline, and tetracycline were manufactured. I was a working student and acquired knowledge, experience and understanding as a qualified graduate. It was education and a job which led me to write a dissertation title: Professing on Ethnomedical Sciences, Clinical Research, Clinical Practice and Educational Aspects Master of Science, and thesis title: Ethnomedical Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis and its Complications Ph.D., which were both registered with Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

The Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences offers education and training on mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and health care while working at the Proprietary Clinic and Proprietary Hospital treating patients for clinical research with the phytotherapeutics. They learn and do the job at the workplaces. The health care programs are, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, acute psychiatry, geriatrics and general practice and they are created from the clinical results. Therefore, the Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences and Proprietary Clinic and Proprietary Hospital are centers for jobs. This is where HIV/AIDS shall be treated. ErythroGlycoSan and LeucoGlycoSan may be tested on a virus for us by CDC and we will treat the HIV+ hosts and AIDS patients.

Innovation and Biotechnology: The Academy of Ethnomedical Sciences offers education and training on medical botany, biopharmacognosy, industrial chemistry, industrial biopharmacology and industrial microbiology and the workplaces are Proprietary Medical Botany, Proprietary Biopharmcognosy Laboratory, Industrial Chemistry Laboratory, Industrial Biopharmacology Laboratory and Industrial Microbiology Laboratory of the International Ethnomedical Research which manufactures the proprietary medicines.

These are results of education and training, health care and biotechnological research and phytotherapeutics. Expansive research shall be done at the International Ethnomedical Research for the goods and services for exportation in Washington DC. The raw materials (medical plants) should be exported from Johannesburg South Africa to Washington DC., then education and jobs have started and my students are young men, women and girls the next generation of the US of America.

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