I have written a Thesis Title: Copyright Law and Medical Plant Research; Pharmacological and…
David Steve Matthe

The NATIONAL ACADEMIES, ENGINEERING, MEDICINE encourages scientists on original research. Research is for discovery of new biodrugs and what they do to acute and chronic diseases. The programs are; gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, acute psychiatry, geriatrics, clinical research and practice. I treated pulmonary tuberculosis, and its complications, which are; bronchopleural fistulas, bronchopneumonia, empyema, lung abscess; SWH Sol consists of antitubercular properties and pharmacological properties, including antipyogenic properties.

OBSTETRICS; A woman presented with a dead fetus; SWH Sol was administered orally at 6.00 PM and a dead fetus and placenta were both expelled and the mother was cured. This simulates Caesarean Section. SWH Sol consists of anticoagulant, biohormones which facilitated uterine contractions to expel a dead fetus and placenta. Another woman presented labor pains from 4.00 AM to 4.00 PM. SWH Sol was administered orally at 4.00 PM and at 7.00 PM a baby was born; the mother and baby were both cured. SWH Sol consists of hematopoietic properties which produces blood from the bone marrow, hematotherapeutic properties which heal the blood cells, and biohormonotherapeutic properties which heals the estrogen and progesterone. SWH Sol is usable for prenatal and postnatal care.

EXTERNAL ABSCESS size 8 cm x 10 cm and BRONCHOPLEURAL FISTULAS. A patient presented with an external abscess and 2 bronchopleural fistulas. A dampened GlycoSapin powder which softened the hardened skin of the external abscess ruptured in 4 days and was drained; SWH Sol was administered orally; the bronchopleural fistulas healed serendipitously. Before this treatment he was going to hospital for excision of the recurring abscesses for 10 years.

GlycoSapin Powder contains the emollient properties, to soften the hardened skin which ruptured and was drained simulates EXCISION and INCISION.

GlycoHypoSapSan X Sol heals injuries, ulcers, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degree wounds.

SWH Sol cured cervical and breast cancer.

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