When Hillary Clinton Becomes President She’ll Give Up The One Issue That Could Have Changed My Life
Abby Norman

YES HILLARY CLINTON HAVE WON!!!, and I still say she’s the first woman to fight a man like Donald Trump who fought by gun violence, attacked women, who accused Hillary Clinton with 1000 and more E-mails, breaching the US Constitution, insulting President Obama of the US on Birtherism etc. Hillary Clinton wasn’t afraid but we were nervous all over the US though the Democrats fought day and night from Florida, Nevada, California, New York the home town, Chicago, while Chelsea supported her mother bravely while globally the concerned people were listening. President Bill Clinton took it cool and didn’t tap around to fight from New York to Nevada because he knew his wife is just a fighter like three Advocates and she won one way and I admire her. This was the biggest test ever and the first to fight for such leadership to become a woman President of the US; like she tried it during the times of the first African American Barack Obama who feared nothing and no body in front of him and somebody asking him if we can; and he answered “YES WE CAN!!!” and moved on with his campaign and he became the first 44th President Obama of the US and his brave beautiful wife became the First Lady Michelle Obama and both entered the White House, they made history for the African Americans according to Civil Rights Act of 1964 and there’s no doubt about. And this woman joined them and became the Secretary of the US Department of State. She went back to the street to fight for the White House and she made it and her husband happens to be the First Best Gentle Man of the US and going back to the White House.

The HISTORY OF THE FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA and THE FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA; THE WOMAN PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON and THE FIRST BEST GENTLEMAN IN THE 21st Century. I know there are best AMERICAN AUTHORS they’ll write the best history of the African Americans and President Abraham Lincohn on civil rights contained by the US Constitution and will be also with John Lewis in the Museum of African American History.

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