That’s a pretty interesting thought.
Thomas Euler

Thomas Euler We are trapped because our devices are dictating us a new paradigm for productivity which has little regard for our bodily limitations. They are two modern responses to this: abandon devices (luddites) or overcome the body (silicon valley). A compromise would be to impose to oneself (or society as a whole) a set of rules to ensure we continue using those devices and they don’t start using us…That’s what I meant; we are ultimately shaped by our tools but we mustn’t confuse their capacity for our capacity. This issue is being felt now because those devices evolve exponentially…and we don’t.

Yes information processing is a big part of the problem. It leads to information overload because of course we can’t process everything we’d like to when confronted with an infinite stream of data. Again the compromise here is based on self-restraint and rules. (filters)

Apple has a Night Shift feature to relieve our eyes form the strain of looking at a screen; it has a Do Not Disturb feature for interrupting the flux of notifications at scheduled times. Those are salvatory features that let our bodies regain some of what was lost. But it still hasn’t got a Focus Mode of sorts which would enforce location based mono-tasking.

There is danger in aligning work and personal mission. Because losing one might mean losing the other. Compartmentalising helps preserve/identify some other parts of who you are.

Having the luxury of working from home helps us discover how social we truly are as a species. You slowly realise that there was more to work than work. The serendipity of random encouters, the small unproductive chats, the eating together, even the noise of other people speaking! All this we need much more than we think. Work provides sustenance but workplace provides sanity, a routine without which, ironically, much of the world turns bland.

I would strongly recommend “going somewhere” and “coming back from somewhere”. No matter where, no matter with who or for how long. But the going and coming is essential. If anything it will make you feel more productive. But more importantly you will thus assertain your physical presence in the world. And I’m afraid to say that as long as you have a physical body, that’s quite an important thing indeed ;)

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