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I would have never believed that I would leave a technology conference reminiscing about a classic black and white movie. But there I was riding the train out of SF, catching quick glances of fleeting buildings and joyously playing scenes in my mind from the film It’s a Wonderful Life.

For the few that haven’t seen the movie, it follows James Bailey, a family businessman entrenched in the struggle to sustain his enterprise in the face of a greedy banker. …

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Name: Thunderous Intent | Price: 0.04 ether | Buy it here

Blockchain is a fascinating technology with massive implications to many industries. Art is just another frontier blockchain industrialists intend to explore and revolutionize. Because of the rise of Cryptokitties, non-fungible tokens are ushered into the front stage of art as a means to create provenance and ownership. While I agree that blockchain helps to solve problems with provenance that have troubled the art space for decades, I believe that the industry have brought out a few misnomers on the capabilities of blockchain in regards to digital ownership.

For specificity, this blog is a critique on a post on Artnome by Jason Bailey. …


David Sun

Computer enthusiast, designer, absurdist, and probably too nerdy. bydavidsun.com (Freelancer!)

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