I would have never believed that I would leave a technology conference reminiscing about a classic black and white movie. But there I was riding the train out of SF, catching quick glances of fleeting buildings and joyously playing scenes in my mind from the film It’s a Wonderful Life.

For the few that haven’t seen the movie, it follows James Bailey, a family businessman entrenched in the struggle to sustain his enterprise in the face of a greedy banker. …

Name: Thunderous Intent | Price: 0.04 ether | Buy it here

Blockchain is a fascinating technology with massive implications to many industries. Art is just another frontier blockchain industrialists intend to explore and revolutionize. Because of the rise of Cryptokitties, non-fungible tokens are ushered into the front stage of art as a means to create provenance and ownership. While I agree that blockchain helps to solve problems with provenance that have troubled the art space for decades, I believe that the industry have brought out a few misnomers on the capabilities of blockchain in regards to digital ownership.

For specificity, this blog is a critique on a post on Artnome by…

Civil War’s lost captain, by David Sun, Selling here

I think its best to describe this piece as like a coffee shop ramble to a friend you don’t see often enough.

This is a piece on my path to where I am: not quite an artist, not quite a developer. It’s to my recollection, how I got to where I am. I am not famous nor important, just thought to bring out a story that may resonate with a few others.

“Are you a developer?”

To my designer friends I say: “I am more of a developer than a designer”

“Are you a designer?”

To my developer friends I…

An Iron Will — 0.04 ether — https://art.weee.network/post?tokenId=28

I am starting a new series called food for thought. Here, I will be collecting random ideas I have for WeeeArt and the general scope of digital ownership. Are these ideas finalized? Nope. Are they any good? Probably not.

One of the biggest goals with WeeeArt is to create true value in owning digital artworks. Instead of simply focusing on using blockchain as a means of tracking provenance, we wanted their to be intrinsic value in owning the token. To reach our goal, we employed a utility driven design model to owning a token.

WeeeArt delivers on this goal with…

A rendered artwork on WeeeArt network

Check out our product hunt post here.

To preface, this piece delves into the philosophy of WeeeArt, a blockchain powered artwork marketplace selling generative artworks. Check out the live version at art.weee.network.

Photo by Georgie Cobbs

You have scoured the internet for introductory blogs on Solidity and smart contract development. Skimmed a few and got to know a little about the world of Solidity. If you haven’t, fear not. Here are a few great introductory posts on Solidity development.

For the more experienced developer,

Now that you have learned Solidity, you are ready to get your hands dirty. But man, it is tough to start in this world.

I thought to collect some thoughts here on my developing experience, deep dive into a few problems I faced developing my first smart contract, and some awesome resources/readings/inspiration…

I live the digital life. Airpods in, Macbook pro charged up, and phone ready to notify me the smallest ripple in my digital world. I also am an active contributor to this digital world. I write blogs, develop digital applications, and design for the digital space. But as more of my life is integrated into this cyberspace, I found a safe haven in the analog world.

I love notebooks. Like not the idea of writing in them, but the notebook. The paper, the manufacturing, and the design. Something about the product to me feels so … pure. Sure, I love…

I recently found myself not using Medium as much as I use to. Instead of using some other platform to get my Medium-esque blog fix, I simply stopped reading.

Why is that? I wondered.

Honestly, the content on Medium (that I follow) is not unique anymore. I don’t get any new insights from the content I read on Medium. To clarify, your mileage may vary; I follow designers and startup/lifestyle blogs on Medium.

It is always the same: _ tips to lead a _______ life or Wake up ____ am and do this. It’s not even the content is bad…

Hope the new year festivities were a blast.

I’m not one to believe in new year resolutions. Never liked that we need a change of a number and a reset of the months to make us conscious of change.

But the idealistic part of me always decide to come for a visit this time of the year. So in the spirit of hypocrisy, I’m thinking of trying something new starting on day one of this year.

Instead of a resolution, I thought to try something different, more subtle.

I thought to completely restructure how I organized my apps on my…

Hey all,

This project has been a journey of pain and lessons.

So before we start. What the heck is Impresssive?

You can find the final product at impresssive.co.

Impresssive is a web app that allows anyone (no coding experience needed) to make their own landing site experience. There are 12 components ranging from links, features, call to actions, and etc. It is all free and you can build a experience real fast.

You may realize, why not use squarespace? Well this is free! No cost and I believe that this serves a different purpose than a squarespace site. Impresssive…

David Sun

Computer enthusiast, designer, absurdist, and probably too nerdy. bydavidsun.com (Freelancer!)

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