Month 1: A rough start is a start nonetheless

Hey all,

Thank you for stopping by. This is the start of a new year and the second month for 3031.

3031 is a life framework I built to help me iterate and improve myself and take a step closer to my greater goal.

Check out the details and how you can implement it here:

Now, back to this month.

For this month’s 3031 I worked on:

Building Pigeon and (Project)

Learn about atomic design(Learning)

Use morning time as a effective self-reflection time(Habit)

Icon-a-day (deprecated) (A Day)

So how did it go? (General vibes)

Well, I usually write these at the beginning of the month, but I wrote this a week and a half later.

I was behind on my last project

So first of all, I added a new concept I refer to as ‘sprint’ where you can sideline other 3031s to accelerate the project. Details here. Because I broke my own rule and worked on two sprints. I had no time to pursue Icon-a-day and had to stop it.

I’m still bummed out for not pursuing icon-a-day.

But with my second sprint, I made a massive pivot and it left my a week behind and had to bleed into January. So I would say December has not been the greatest.

I wasn’t able to deliver on a 3031 and was behind on another.

You can check out my blogs for both projects I made in December here:

In short, these two projects took a unhealthy amount of time. Poopie.

BUT, I still held true to myself and delivered both projects. So yay to those two 3031.

As for learning, I sorta failed. I did look into atomic design, but didn’t really learned it to the depth I wanted.

For habit, because of my tight sprint schedule, my morning time was meditative bliss. I took the time, and recollected on my work and recovered from all the work the day before. This habit was built out of neccessity.

What went well & went wrong?

Well, you can tell by the post, quite a lot went wrong. From this I learned to ENFORCE the one sprint month rule. I really needed to spend time and plan projects, rest, and hone skills I felt lacking from a previous sprint. Also, sprints should be done sparingly because they hog all of your time and starve the other 3031s. I hope in the future, I take my time to balance my time for each 3031.

What went well?

I’m still doing 3031. I am unwavering. Yes this is a rough start. New year has the connotation it is fresh and a clean slate. Well, I dirtied mine, but why should I wait a year to start fresh? This has been not the most optimal start, but I started, I am still running.

Yes a clean slate helps, but at the end of the day its your perseverance that allows you to truly grow.

If you had a rough start, don’t relent! Fight on.

Next Month

For this month, I plan to take a relative chill pill.

For project, I will be working on a simple inspiration site. (Stay tuned). I want to build this with the intent to learn the rigor of a proper design plan and production process. Something that isn’t ground breaking, but something I always wanted to make.

For learning, I will be spending some time brushing up my iOS skills for a project next month with a great friend … (stay tuned)

For habit, I chose to do something really subtle but important. Don’t make excuses to defend your ideas. Simple. I found myself unconfident with my idea. I precede my pitch of an idea to my friend with “It still needs work” or “It’s shit”.

I don’t want that. I want to be affirmative and own my idea.

So I hope to work on that this month. No excuses, just good ideas.

For my A-day 3031. I will start a series of digital art installations. I haven’t 100% decided what it will look like but again, stay tuned.

Thank you for staying with my for this long. Today’s blog is quite the ramble.

Don’t run when you need to walk. Don’t walk when you need to run.

-David Sun

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