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Dear Aaron Landy,

Now, not being a javascript programmer (though an IT guy), I had problems with this script, emanating from he console.log.

So, I removed the thing with the many children[0] etc., and remained with:

setInterval(function() { 
 var connectBtns = document.getElementsByClassName(‘bt-request-buffed’); 
 for(var i =0; i < Math.min(connectBtns.length,10); i++) 
}, 1500);

And that now speeded it up. LinkedIn has become shrewd, so, they are now having interesting timers, counters etc., so I would like to have some randomization on the time, which I guess is the 1500 (I changed it from 500).

Now, I am also not sure, if this function will call upon the scroll function to get more targets. So, I had to scroll down, until it would not display more elements, then I copied in the console script.