“it will be the greatest legacy of my amazingly productive presidency if I can wipe all evidence of my predecessor’s eight disastrous years from the history books.”
Trump Says He’ll Revoke Obama’s Birth Certificate After Dismantling His Legacy
Allan Ishac

Haaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha grrrrrllll ha ha ha gggrllsssspffffff he he he he, haaaaaa ja ha da da da ha ha, … Yes, indeed, this completely useless activity will be the biggest job Trump will ever try to undertake, and a flop like any other much less important things this so called president has ever tried to do. Why does he not try instead, to revoke the moon? Has TRUMP ever watched Jim Carrey? Jim did move the moon closer, so maybe Trump can visit a cinema, and watch this wonderful movie. There he can also learn how to make boobs bigger and similar useful things, much better than all the crook and hook he learned by Ray Cohen (Rest in pieces)

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