that I have about two years to live.
Muted by Cancer
Mark Mooney

I dont want to give you false hopes, but I am myself on alkalic foods, and a prostate condition has healed up completely. The trick is simple, and you are welcome to contact me for consultations (at no cost of course, I am not a health practitioner, just your fellow human being). You change your diet profoundly to comprise of mostly alkalic vegetables, of which there are many. You drop every grain, like wheat, beans etx, and then you go on alkalic vegetables, good oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil, then add to it nuts of various kinds, drop any and all milk product, drop all coffee, tea, sugar, alcohol. You may think that this is a meagre living, and thats why you may need me. I will tell you what you can do, what you can eat, how you can mske it such that your food will change, while you will experience new fantastic ways of eating, you will experience new flavours, and a variety you may not have had before. Positive side effect is that you will become healthy, lose weight, get better veines, become mentally more fresh, and, likely, your tumor will simply just shrink, and disappear. You will need to stay put with the doctors to measure the tumor etc, but dont get surprised if you will see it disappear all together. Especially when you add red beet or beet root, as a part of your diet, you will see results. I hope that I have not wasted your time. I wish you a good recovery. I am 53, and had issues with my prostate gland, which are now history.. This is not a cure, it is simply a new food lifestyle, and all it takes is that you make a firm decision to live, and to become well. Email to me:, welcome.

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