How to hack LinkedIn Connections
Aaron Landy

Let me — with all due respect — polish the code (simplify) a tiny little bit:

1.Log in to Linked in, anywhere

2. Then open this link:

3. Prepare by pressing CTRL-End severally (some 80 times), to load more and more candidates. Click when scrolled to bottom, and after LinkedIn has loaded 12 more persons.

4. To start the show, now click CTRL-SHIFT-i in Google Chrome browser.

5. Paste this code into console..

setInterval(function() { 
var connectBtns =
if (connectBtns.length>0) {
}, 3000+Math.random(2500));

6. Click enter.

7. CLOSE the tab when all candidates have been requested to connect. Wait at least 24 hours. Then you can do it again.

8. I get some 300 net contacts out of it, each time, and they confirm something between 1 to 3 days after.

9. Explanation of above code:

The connectBtns fetches a list of all elements which has the class “bt-request-buffed’ on it. The buttons for connect in LinkedIn has that class associated with them. IF the list has more than 0 elements, then click on the FIRST element, which has number (index) 0. Do this, with a random interval between 3 seconds and 5.5 seconds, so that you do not overload LinkedIn. They don’t like that.

10. No. There is no item 10. Why would you want an item number 10? To make it 10? No. We don’t do that.

11. This item has been put to make sure that this instruction does not have 10 items :-)

Questions welcome, but the honour goes to @aaln (Aaron Landy), because truly, I had no clue to how this should be done.

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