Obama’s mockery was so blistering, I can only guess it has left open wounds in the president over all this time.
Trump Says He’ll Revoke Obama’s Birth Certificate After Dismantling His Legacy
Allan Ishac

Trump was taught his great manners by Ray Cohen (Rest In Pieces). He rose via these fantastic good manners to the height of his capability and we now see how brilliant he has learned to deal with humor. Reveeeeenge, reveeeeeennngggeee, and more revenge. Apparently Trump responds in the same way to Obama and any other contemporary humor, as Hitler responded to for instance Charlie Chaplin. So the deep learning to get from this is, that still the pen is sharper and stronger than any power of this world. Even if Obama was to die today, the laughter caused not so much by Obamas wit, but the laughter by the millions of us, who experience Trumps attempted retaliation, will sound and resound for decades and by far overgo the empty barrel sounds from Trumps failed retorics.

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