county executive announcing his run for governor against Hogan less than a week before this investigation was called for
Successful African American community is under investigation by Republicans
Stephan Neidenbach

Why not simply praise this community, this county for doing it? Making it! Just as the Obama administration DID IT, and just as — in much smaller scale — my students did it, the African community has some powers which stem from their roots, which we, the Westerners, should clack our heels together for, in appraisal, and shut our mouths, open eyes and ears, and learn. However, the sounds from these well working communities may not hit the typical white “successful” community well: We would need to let go of guns, power, extreme profits, extortion, me-me-me-me-culture, comfort zone life 24/7, 6.5 hours of television every day with brainwash, etc. Not an easy diet — but now again, the benefits would be huge, if we Westerners could start learning: Peace, prosperity, weight loss(!), working communities, high level of learning(real learning, not fake/cheating as it wouldnt be necessary), and more from the same drawer.

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