Our investment in Medium

All of us at Greylock are thrilled to be leading an investment in Medium. Both Josh Elman and I are joining the board. We look forward to supporting Ev Williams as he builds Medium into the next great publishing network. You can read Ev’s thoughts on our partnership here.

We believe there is a significant opportunity to create new platforms for publishing and reading that are open to anyone. Media is still in the midst of a massive shift from print to digital. When Blogger launched almost 15 years ago, it was among the first products to give anyone a place to publish their thoughts. Since then, content has increased exponentially, but there is still a lot to be done to help people express their ideas and reach the people who would be most interested. It’s also been a challenge for readers to search for and discover things worth reading. Social platforms like Twitter have become great networks for sharing and routing articles, but have led to focusing on the most recent content or most clicked headlines instead of always the best content or deeper analysis.

The Medium team has applied learnings from Blogger and Twitter to create something entirely new. As a publishing space, Medium is a beautiful place to write and share your story. Rather than a “most-recent-first” blog, each story can flow through the network, or live in one or more collections. For readers, Medium offers a new kind of feed to discover and read the stories most compelling to you — not just based on who you follow, or most recent, but on what is spreading fastest, or what people are spending the most time reading. Just go to Medium’s home page, and you can get joyously lost reading for hours. We believe Medium can become the default place for publishing and discovering stories of all kinds.

Beyond our belief in the potential of Medium, we are both very excited to be working with Ev and the team (many for the second time). Ev has unique insights into creating networks for writing and sharing. Twice already he has created products used daily by millions and millions of people. In addition, he is just the kind of founder we like to work with — committed to building meaningful products around large networks, and building teams with the right culture. Josh has frequently said that working for Ev at Twitter was one of the best times of his professional career and is looking forward to building on that experience. For me, this is a chance to finally work with Ev directly after having made the mistake of passing on the early Twitter round many years ago!

We look forward to reading your stories on Medium, and we hope you will join us in engaging your passions and broadening your mind by learning from others on Medium.

-Josh Elman and David Sze

P.S. If you need a collection to start with, one of our favorites is This Happened To Me where people share stories from their lives. It spurred Josh to write his first story on Medium over a year ago.

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