Go Forward

This may sound cliche but… the future can be scary. The curious reader is probably wondering about the context of this statement. Unfortunately for some, fortunately for most, social media can only go so far into understanding a friend or family member’s psyche. Do we really want to explore each other’s emotional baggage in 140 characters or less? But enough ranting, time for a quick check-up on David’s life (referring to myself in the 3rd person always makes the writing process faster).

David had one semester left of college. After meeting with various recruiters David was endorsed by the university as an all-star intern. He never did get an internship though. After cutting his losses, David decided not to move to the big city but feast on the many creative resources from his university’s library. Classic, indy, Criterion, musical, documentary, foreign, no matter how obscure the film, he watched them all. David had found an escape.

So basically the past few months have been me applying for jobs, updating my website, and waiting. Waiting can and will drive you nuts so why not enter another world, a world of another time and place, accessible only through film. In four hours I can travel from the 1960's Hollywood glamour to the modern gut-wrenching Southern Sudan. But this isn’t real. (I really should do a write-up on metaphysics and the digital space we live in, but alas that’s a topic for another day.)

The reality is I pick out comics for a college newspaper and get anxious when I drive or touch hands with girls. I finished all my college courses and just need to buy my way into an internship to receive my diploma (BYU requires a 4-credit internship to graduate, costing approximately $1,056). I finally get to live with my brother though.

It’s never been a desire of mine to live in Utah. After going to school here I’ve grown disinterested in what the state has to offer in terms of recreation. As a California native I’ve never understood snow. Then again I still don’t understand traffic either. Coming from an advertising discipline it was instilled in my mind to transplant myself to the big city. My ideal list of places to live included New York, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles/Orange County along with this strange desire to live in the foreign states of Ohio, Kansas, Idaho, North Dakota, and the Appalachian region. (I’ve never really been to Ohio but this is something I’ll write about another time.) The bigger, or as they say in the industry “sexy”, the advertising agency the better. You want to work for “sexy” brands, not making local newspaper ads for the dentist across the street (which is what I currently do).

But what would I do at a “sexy” agency? Would I just be getting everyone coffee? Exactly how innovative are these famous agencies? Why do they have shareholders? What does “client relations” even mean? (Another topic I can’t wait to write about, the dreaded Account Manager job title) You can see the internal conflict I’m having already! I analyze every situation, every potential internship, and every future opportunity. I won’t name any names but there are quite a few agencies I’d be hesitant to work at for fear of job security. There seems to be an incredible amount of short-mindedness in advertising, which shouldn’t be a surprise as it’s an industry that sells trends and fads. Do I want to just be a fad?

So I had a moment of revelation. While reading my patriarchal blessing (kinda like a prophecy from Harry Potter) something stood out.

I realized I shouldn’t be waiting for the perfect future. I needed to essentially make my own prophecy. I needed to be doing something, even if it wasn’t what I was trained and conditioned to do. I heard that phrase again tonight, “go forward”. It felt empowering.

Education is the most important thing right now. I need my bachelor’s degree. To get this degree I just need an internship. It can be anywhere that’s going somewhere or even nowhere. I don’t need a job. (But I can think of some other things I need )

TL;DR: Internship ≠ Eternal future

Originally published at www.thedavidtaylor.com.