What This Blog Is and Isn’t


This is where I write about thoughts, ideas, dreams, ambitions, goals, and revelations.

I will not be writing about the latest tweet from Adage or from (insert ad agency/professional). Twitter gives us plenty of insight into the advertising industry but this tool is useless unless we can carry meaningful conversations.

So please, I invite anyone who’s passionate about advertising to reply, comment, retweet, and share WITHIN Twitter. There needs to be a central and accessible dialogue among the influencers in the industry. We’re professional communicators, isn’t it about time we communicate with each other?

Allow me to elaborate.

Some of you may be wondering about LinkedIn. At the time of this post being written I considered allowing LinkedIn. After some proofreading it felt strange to ask for a central medium yet allow competition between Twitter and LinkedIn. I’m not endorsing a monopoly but in order for the most people to participate Twitter logically becomes the only solution. LinkedIn isn’t dying but the rate at which people access content on LinkedIn is so low that it would be nearly impossible for anyone to ever have a full conversation. I’ve seen longer threads on the bottom of Buzzfeed articles than LinkedIn.

Why not just comment on the articles themselves? With so many influential news outlets and trade magazines it would be difficult to pick a single one. Also many of the articles require a login, which statistically speaking, keeps many individuals from commenting.

Who qualifies as a professional? Unlike the sciences, there aren’t many in the advertising industry with high levels of education. It definitely can be hard to identify our peers, always a Don Draper out there. Job titles just make for confusing power trips.

So can we at least ignore all the fresh minds entering the industry? If it were any other industry I would say yes, but due to the nature of advertising and the constant need for innovation, young people are essential.

Is my cat a professional? Yes, yours, mine and ours.

This is not an advertising blog/forum! The last thing we need is another email/app/website to read in our daily research ritual.

TL;DR: If you wanna talk about advertising, just tweet. Otherwise, enjoy the blog.

Originally published at www.thedavidtaylor.com.