Co-founder + Design Lead @Hyperhuman writing about product design and psychology.

How to build a gamification system the right way and how Fitbit, Waze, and Duolingo use it to enhance their products.

When I was young, I remember my mother telling me I can go play only after I finish my homework. Which was goddam frustrating at the time. But thinking about this, I realise that most of the things I was doing back then were automatically classified into 2 groups:

  • a…

An essential guide for efficient UX and product designers on why, when and how to create and manage a Terms and Statements Inventory document.

A sketch representing the connection between terms and statements

Imagine a meeting in which several members of the product team try to agree on the features of a new platform. There are two UX designers, one visual designer, two front-end developers, a back-end developer and a project manager. …

An overview on the implications of integrating the Endowed Progress Effect into the task design of any UX process.

What is the Endowed Progress effect?

It was described in 2006, in a research paper called “The Endowed Progress Effect: How Artificial Advancement Increases Effort”, composed of a few experiments.

The authors, American professors Joseph C. Nunes and Xavier Dreze, explained the endowed progress effect as: “a phenomenon whereby people provided with artificial advancement toward a…

An overview on how to apply the mechanism of priming to enhance the user experience of your designs.

What is priming?

Priming is a nonconscious form of human memory concerned with perceptual identification of words and objects. It refers to activating particular representations or associations in memory just before carrying out an action…

David Teodorescu

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