A Modern PLM

Goal / Manifesto

Rethinking what PLM is and what it can be with modern technology and the best User Experience.

Starting with the end user experience. There are the typical CAD user that make 3D models, developers creating code, designers creating graphics, and other creative types. These users are more at home in their editor of choice. It’s required to assist these users in their tool of choice. In the format and structure they are accustomed to.

The manufacturing group. These users need to get the data from the designers. And make it. They don’t want to screw around with finding the data, verifying it’s the right version. They just want to know what to make, what is needed, the specs, when, and where to ship it.

The rest of the organization. Marketing, Support, Management. They need details for specific areas and big picture information for others. Dashboards are cliche’s but it’s a good visual. But in a modern way. This will take the most work.

User Stories

Starting at a high level and adding details as they evolve (tested). This is the next step.


Agile is the way. But not strict. Anything and everything is on the table to be changed, revised, and rethought. The lack of this is the reason why PLM has not evolved. Not in any significant way. Just rehashed, new skin, and nothing changed. Too much baggage, and legacy preservation.

This will be fun.

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