The UX Influencers Fallacy

If you are looking for a single UX influencer, I think you will greatly limit yourself.

UX is a wide topic that based on users and usage determines the best UX. No single person can do this.

Best advice is to treat UX like other arts. Like architects or artists. Look at them all, decide what you like about each and dislike about others. Decide why you dislike it, and decide why you like it.

Your own prejudice is difficult to see, but when you see a wide range of other examples you will grow and expand your limitations.

There is some really great UX work done by people you will never hear about or see in any “UX Influencers to follow” lists.

Importance UX people and so called UX influencers is a fallacy.

The great ones don’t believe they are an influencer or of importance, the not so good ones market the crap out of their selves and stroke their own ego.