The Beginning of Social Commerce Platform

Over the years, online social media have received enormous growth and worldwide popularity. This has led to attention from various researchers across the globe. A report has revealed that the most obsessive users of such sites happen to be young adults and teenagers. This has brought some major changes in the life of youth. This strengthens their relationship. Even if they have moved to different places, social media helps them to stay connected and updated.

Additionally, such sites offer a platform where people are able to make groups and create pages on the basis of their common interests or discipline and build connections for their respective careers. They also initiate different topics for discussion and debate. People believe that social media has become an integral part of their lifestyle. It makes their lives easier and efficient.

What is Sqeeqee?

With so many connections, social media is slowly turning into a market place where buyers meet prospective sellers. This idea has given birth to social commerce platform or social media service such as Sqeeqee. Founded by Jenny Q. Ta and her technical team, Sqeeqee is an open source commerce platform and the first social networking site providing several methods to users for making money on advertising and digital marketing. It is social network with live streaming which also gives you an opportunity to earn some extra bucks.

With an aim to centralize social networking, e-commerce and information, Sqeeqee enables its users to socialize and earn extra income by buying, selling, and sharing advertising dollars. With YouTube, Flickr, eBay, Amazon, and Groupon all rolled into one platform, you don’t have to create separate accounts in each site and remember those complicated passwords.

This social commerce with live streaming is versatile and feature-rich platform which makes it a real boon to your earning potential.

With eleven languages, including English, Russian, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino and Spanish, the social commerce was initially started with the name Spoopad which was soon changed to Spooqee and later Sqeeqee.

Bottom Line

The social network with live streaming enables users to monetize their daily social media activities and earn “Sqeeqee Bucks”. The most interesting thing about Sqeeqee is that users do not have to do anything special to earn money but the things they would normally be doing in a social network with live streaming.