Charles Abbott Provo Attorney : What questions should you ask your lawyer on the first appointment?

charles abbott At the first appointment, Any lawyer will listen to your story, take notes and ask questions to assess your family and financial situation.

All this information will enable him to guide you in your choices and offer appropriate solutions.

To prepare for this interview, make a check list of key points to discuss with him. the procedure What type of divorce is best for me? children What type of accommodation look for my children? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How to set the access and accommodation? How will exercise parental authority? What will be the amount of child support? Until when will it be paid?

My child is 8 years old now and needs not be the same in 10 years, can we predict an arrangement for later? The marital home Can I keep the marital home? Under what conditions? I do not want to keep the marital home? What are the implications for the divorce? Is there a consequence for child care? We own our apartment? Can I apply for the award? For how long? Under what conditions? A free or do I pay an occupancy fee? I want to leave the home before the divorce, is this possible? Can I live with another person? Alimony Am I entitled to alimony during the divorce? What will it be? Compensatory allowance Am I entitled to a compensatory allowance after divorce? What will it be? In what form will it be paid? professional status I worked for my husband volunteered in his work, can I claim a compensation for the unpaid work? debts How will perform debt sharing? Who will pay for the credits? goods How will perform the sharing of real and personal property (action, furniture, liquidity, car)? Damages Can I claim for damages to my spouse? Can my spouse claim me for damages? Bank My spouse incurs credit without my agreement what can I do? How do I close my account if my spouse seal is not right? How to protect my interests to divorce? Charles abbott Attorney provo : If you are satisfied with this first interview, you will be taken to address the issue of your lawyer. Do you work at a fixed price or hourly rate? Can you give me an estimate of the costs of my divorce? I am entitled to legal aid, will you defend me?

The lawyer in his advisory role will be responsible for defending you and assist you throughout the divorce process, it is very important to establish a rapport with him. The first appointment is crucial, do not hesitate to leave you a cooling off period after this interview to make a decision. It may also be necessary to consult a second attorney to permanently fix your choice.